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If your company needs to obtain an ISIN number or ISIN code you may apply for a ISIN assistance with us ( does not issue or assign ISINs or other codes but obtains them on behalf of our clients).  We offer this service to both private companies and companies that are public or seeking to go public. ISIN numbers are given for a wide variety of securities and virtually all jurisdictions in the world, for virtually any type of offering, whether debt or equity, stocks, bonds, and much more. Companies, funds, banks and a plethora of other entities utilize ISIN codes for securities identification purposes. Choose the proper ISIN application form for assistance or email us for assistance. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR A NEW ISIN CODE

Resources offers an abundance of free resources for those seeking information or access to identification codes. Historical ISIN codes for bonds and stocks are also available on our site, including short term notes, medium term notes and long term notes, Eurobonds, Asian securities and much more. If you need resources or assistance for something not found on the site, just email us. can try and point you in the proper direction for help.

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Receive global exposure for your Securities and create an account with and list your ISIN or company information. is dedicated to the facilitation and popularization of ISIN codes worldwide. ISIN numbers help identify securities, and is the global preferred method for most of stock exchanges and companies worldwide when seeking to identify securities. Getting or obtaining an ISIN number is not an option; it is a standard. BECOME A MEMBER HERE