ISIN Process

The ISIN Process

Register an ISIN

If your company or fund is in need of registering an ISIN number, can assist. Registering a ISIN code for debt or equity offerings, hedge funds, fund of funds, mutual funds, specialty funds, public companies, private companies is common worldwide.

Time-frame for ISIN Registration

ISIN code assistance can take anywhere from one day to a few days or longer. It really depends on the specifications of the company. We strive to have any service completed within one day.

Who Can Apply?

Various parties involved with the issuing company (the company that requires the identification code) can apply for the number, including third parties or the issuing company itself. Who can request an ISIN?

  1. Any third party (attorneys, fund managers, fund admins, lead manager, paying agent, consultants, etc,) and others authorized by the company that requires an ISIN number.
  2. Staff or team members for the company (the issuer) seeking the ISIN code.
  3. Or a staff or team members of the parent company of the issuer requiring the ISIN.


Our fees can vary depending on numerous factors, including the overall process and the amount of work undertaken.

In order to calculate assistance in regards to identification code or other services a company must submit its offering documents or relevant documents. Once the documents are analyzed fees will be determined based on the assistance needed.

Database Fee(s)

Database fees may be applicable for Level 1 or 2 Database members or entities that have company profiles listed within our system or database (see Listing or Membership pages of the website). Database fees are to be paid by either the company or the company's representative who utilize our services or database.

Database inclusion fees apply to each individual profile or code in our database. Database fees only apply for companies that wish to add or house their profile(s) in the database. If a company does not wish to join or renew their membership we reserve the right to remove said company profile from our database (however this will not impact the validity or active status of any code that has been issued by a respective national numbering agency). is an independent service provider for the global financial market. We are not affiliated with any banks, governments, associations or financial institutions.

How to Proceed

Click on one of the form options in the Apply for an ISIN assistance section. Fill out the forms and submit. Once we receive your data we will contact you with the next steps, usually within an hour during business hours.

Click here to apply for a new ISIN code