ISIN Code Fees

ISIN Code Fees fees vary depending on many factors, including the overall process and the work undertaken.

In order to calculate the fees a company must submit its offering documents or relevant documents (for non offerings). Once the documents are analyzed fees will be determined based on the assistance needed.

Database Fees

Database fees may be applicable for Level 1 members or entities that have company profiles listed within our system or database (see Listing or Membership pages of the website). Database fees are to be paid annually or one-time, depending on Membership level, by either the company or the company's representative who utilized our services.

Database fees apply to each individual profile or code in our system or membership structure. Database fees only for companies that wish to add their profiles to our database only. If a company does not wish to join or renew their membership in our database we reserve the right to remove their company profile from our database or system. However, the ISIN or other codes are not made inactive by not renewing or joining our database ( does not issue or assign ISINs but is a consulting firm that assists companies with offering document preparation and the application process to obtain securities identification codes or other needed services. Failure to pay a listing fee or failure to pay ongoing membership fee will not impact the validity of the ISIN or other code that has been issued by a respective national numbering agency). has no affiliation with the association of national number agencies or any national number agency.

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